Why You Should Switch To Natural, Organic Skincare

calendarApr 09, 2021

Despite the growing number of natural skincare brands in Singapore and the alerts issued by the Health Sciences Authority on cosmetics, many people still end up choosing chemical-laden skincare products. While misleading “natural” labels on chemical-laden products are partly to blame, perceived higher price points and limited shelf life are some of the reasons why consumers remain skeptical of natural skincare. 


What many do not see is how harmful conventional products can be for your skin in the long run. Its effects may not manifest immediately, but pose great risks not just to your skin but your overall health. This is why it is important to search for the best skincare brands that are 100% organic and natural, all the while being effective and affordable. Trust us, your body will thank you later. Besides, there are all the good reasons to switch to organic and natural skincare products:

Your skin needs nourishment too.

Just like how the food you eat affects your health, what you feed your skin also affects its condition. Think about it: If you are not willing to eat it, why would you allow your skin to take it in?


With conventional skincare products, you feed your skin with chemicals such as hydroquinone and tretinoin which may initially give you instantly bright and acne-free complexion, but eventually dry and irritate your skin, making it tight, flaky, ashy and sometimes even leaving cracks that cause your skin to peel and bleed.


Organic and natural skincare brands, on the other hand, do not just aim to keep your skin fair on the surface but to bring out that radiant glow in you by nourishing your skin from deep within. Whether you have normal, sensitive, oily, or combination skin, organic and natural skin care products do not trigger any side effects and even nourish the skin with moisture, minerals and antioxidants. Moreover, they provide safe and organic skin care for cancer patients, babies and pregnant women.

It is the least you could do to protect the environment.

The synthetic ingredients present in conventional cosmetic products are not only detrimental to one’s health but also to the environment. Time and again, the use of chemical compounds such as additives, stabilisers, and artificial fragrances have been proven to cause disturbances to entire ecosystems.


One way you can reduce your environmental impact is by switching to natural and organic. Organic skin care products use medicinal plants grown with natural fertilisers and free from toxic ingredients and pesticides, increasing environmental sustainability and restoring ecological balance. Most importantly, these best skincare brands are cruelty-free and help provide safer habitat for animals.

It is more cost-effective — believe it or not!

One common misconception about natural and organic cosmetic brands is that it is overpriced. This is simply not true. While they are typically priced higher compared to the rest of the market, the costs you save from the negative effects of commercial skincare cosmetics on your body make natural and organic skin care products worth the purchase.


Imagine how much it will cost you to schedule regular check-ups with dermatologists and other specialists compared to preventing these skin problems early on. You’re not just doing a favor for your budget, you are also protecting your wellbeing.


Break free from an unhealthy skincare routine today!

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Aware of the needs of every customer, we offer the most ideal organic skin care for cancer patients, children, expectant mothers, and other people with increased sensitivity.


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