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Skin-and-body care isn’t a topic that's straightforward for everyone. Nonetheless, it's important that we know how to look and feel our best. Here, we share a few tips and tricks for you to optimise your skin-and-body care regiment so the true essence of your authentic beauty can really shine through. 

100% Natural & Organic Sun Care from Dr. Hauschka

calendarMar 23, 2022

It’s a feeling of immaculate bliss. The proper sun care lets us appreciate the sun in a healthy and carefree way, helping us protect the skin without depriving it of crucial sunlight.


calendarDec 27, 2021

Teenagers are the most common age group thought to struggle with acne. Still, dermatologists find that late-onset or adult-onset acne is becoming increasingly common


calendarDec 23, 2021

Most people don't realize that their favorite skincare products can significantly contribute to harmful ingredients, toxins, and chemicals. Many chemicals found in our beauty products will damage their entire life cycle.


calendarNov 11, 2021

You are unique, and so is your skin. Therefore, your skin deserves the best natural and organic skincare. Thus, the demand for natural and organic skincare is high.

Why You Should Be Using Organic Skincare Products, Especially When Pregnant

calendarOct 22, 2021

Taking care of your skin is crucial, but it can get complicated with numerous companies pushing out new products as they claim it would ‘definitely benefit your skin’. Most of us use skincare products daily: from lipsticks, to sunscreens, and facial wash; we apply various chemical substances on our skin. But what is exactly in our products?

If you use non-organic skincare products, you would be less than pleased to know that many of them contains invasive and toxic chemicals which would bring you adverse effects...

Multi-Mask, while Dr. Hauschka Multi-Task

calendarAug 28, 2021

Dr. Hauschka believes that you and your skin cannot be solidly categorized. You need the right ideas of care for different days and places, different seasons and different stages of life as well as a variety of different inner factors such as nutrition, stress, sleep, hormonal imbalances, genetics, medications, etc. We refer to skin conditions, which come and go, rather than categories like women and men and we focus on the needs of changing skin conditions.Are you prone to acne and the areas covered by the mask? Is your skin tight and dry on your cheeks? Do you have blackheads and congestion ..

Power of The Night

calendarAug 20, 2021

Follow the Rhythm of the SkinThe skin has different functions during the day and during the night. Our skin during the day requires skincare during the day that protects it from external environmental factors such as dust, heat, cold, rain, wind and pressure and is tailored to its individual needs. To counter this, nourishing and protective care is useful during the day, strengthening the protective barrier function of the skin.At night, while you sleep, it takes something different - a kind of smoothing process rather than more nourishment and protection than oil-based night creams. For this ..

Top 6 Crucial Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid during Pregnancy

calendarAug 17, 2021

Pregnancy related skin changes are a common occurrence, and can usually be accounted for by the rapidly changing hormonal levels during this time.

If you are lucky enough to be blessed with 9 months of pure complexion bliss - Congratulations! Most, however, are not so lucky. The most common skin ailments during pregnancy are dry skin, darkening skin (a condition called melasma or chloasma), and acne...

Top Reasons to Consider Using Organic Skincare Products Instead

calendarAug 17, 2021

When it comes to eating, making a decision to lead a natural and organic lifestyle makes perfect sense. Our digestive system breaks down the food we eat, and our liver flushes out toxic poisons every time we eat. When we apply something to our skin, however, up to 60% of the synthetic chemicals may reach our bloodstream and accumulate in our body. Therefore, using natural and organic (chemical-free) products .... 

Oil Free Night Care Collection

calendarAug 15, 2021

Powerful and liberating. Do you know this little secret? When you sleep at night, your skin is very awake. We follow this alternating rhythm every day of our life. While during the day, our bodies open up to the environment, absorbing impressions and nutrients, the night is used to process everything we take in and prepare for the new day that is coming. Your skin takes advantage of the night's rest period to completely renew its cells from within and form new substances. Since it does not need to protect itself from environmental influences at night, the skin can open up during this..